Eat Minehead 2019

Updated: Oct 14, 2019

Mineheads tree lined avenue provided the perfect venue for #EatMinehead Food Festival.

The Eat Minehead food fest had been publicized for months in advance and this much anticipated event did not disappoint. The entire Avenue in the centre of town was closed to traffic to accommodate the numerous food and produce stalls - all the vendors I encountered were super passionate about they're product and very willing to share free samples.

The Food

Where do I start - the vast array of cooked food on offer made for a difficult choice as to what to actually eat so after walking the length of the event I headed back to the West Country Dim Sum stall where I opted for one of they're steamed bau buns with char sui pulled pork topped with ground peanuts BBQ sauce and toasted sesame seeds garnished with a generous helping of crispy chilli oil. Confession time - I had to have 2 of these!!

Char sui pork bau bun...

Continuing up the Avenue the next stop was the Greek street food vendor where we chose a lamb and haloumi flatbread with tzatziki dressing, the temptation to eat two of these was almost to much to bear but we persevered. Our next port of call was the Thai food stand the delicious smell of the cooking had drawn quite a crowd and much to our disappointment the queue was too long so opted for a 'Kaiser Dog' from the guys at Dog House hotdog's, who traded from a very eye catching steam-punk themed trailer. The bun was provided by local supplier Glenmore Bakery which encased a good sized wurst sausage topped with sour kraut, dill pickles and curry mayo - Delicious!!

The very eye catching Dog House hotdog van...

The 3 food choices I've mentioned here were just a few of the many that attended, but they all without a doubt looked and smelled delicious.

The Produce

Wow! The produce suppliers displayed a wonderful selection and as mentioned in the intro we're all passionate about they're wares.

Charcuterie, chilli plants, preserves, meat, gin, beer, cheese, bread, indian and mead to name but a few featured at the festival.

One of the stars of the show was Ginger Beards Preserves a bristol based Company that make award winning craft preserves. Everything is handmade in small batches to ensure quality, using no artificial preservatives, pectins or gelling agents.

Eat Minehead was without a doubt the best event in Minehead in 2019 and I sincerely hope it comes back next year and helps put the town on the foodie map... To find out more about Eat Festivals click here.

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